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Our history

It was our ancestors’ mansion during the summer. The family resided in Statella when the spikes of wheat were golden enough to be harvested. The dry and hot months of the season were characterized by the coming and going of people, carts and horses, there was an incessant buzzing of loudly voices and local speeches; the courtyard was a small shunting center of the all products coming from other farms. The warm autumnal days were painted by the bunches of grape, and the smell of must. Finally, with the first freeze, slowly came the time of the comb “the olive branches”. And with the stinging flavor of the olives just crushed, the people packed the cases and went back home.

Statella, we are sure about this, is the keeper of a lot of secrets hidden in the wideness of its woods, and nested among the branches of its trees, mysteries concealed into the green of its meadows, stories muddled among the carpets acorns.

It is the heritage of our family, the keeper of our life, the interlacement of our pride, the book of our history. Our father has brought this wonder to its ancient splendor again, paying attention to the needs of the younger generation. He entrusted it to us. We live here to breathe its valve every day. This is what we’d like to convey to you.